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State hopes bill will put a stop to illegal synthetic marijuana for good

OKLAHOMA CITY – Synthetic marijuana, better known as K2 or Spice, but sold under varying names.

State officials have been trying to outlaw the drugs for years but it seems manufacturers are always one step ahead.

State officials say the manufactures change the drug formula to keep it legal and still create a high.

Oklahoma has already outlawed nearly 300 of the chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana but this year the legislature is taking a bigger step and considering a bill which could hopefully rid our state of the products.

We spoke with one man who asked us not to reveal his identity but says the synthetic drugs are ruining his family.

He said, “This stuff is far more addictive than anything I’ve ever experienced … You see somebody you love just completely taken over by something.”

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Study: Severe obesity may be on the rise in children

Recent studies suggest America is slamming the brakes on the childhood obesity epidemic.

A new study shows the number of the most severely obese children in the United States has more than doubles since 1999.

The numbers climbed from less than 1% in the late 90s to a little more than 2% by 2012.

Children are considered obese if they are above 95 percentile in high and weight for their age.

The CDC says obese kids are more likely to have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes later in life.

They’re also at risk for bone and joint problems — also, sleep apnea.

Experts estimate an obese child will incur $12,000 to $19,000 more in the Health Care costs over a lifetime than a child of normal weight.

If you drive a VW your car may be at risk

Volkswagen has asked dealers to temporarily stop selling several of its popular models because of a fire risk.

The automaker spotted a fault with many 2014 models of the VW Jetta, Beetle, Beetle convertible and Passat, according to the spokesman Mark Gillies.

He said Volkswagen is aware of no “fires, accidents or injuries.”

Volkswagen said a faulty o-ring, which joins tubing and other vehicle parts, can cause transmission fluid to leak. In “extreme situations,” he said, a fire could result.

Affected vehicles have a 1.8-liter engine and an automatic transmission.

The fault lies in about 25,000 vehicles, some of which are available for sale on dealer lots and some of which are on the road.

5-time NFL award winner, Super Bowl winning quarterback to visit local university

STILLWATER, Okla. - Five-time NFL Award winner and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning will visit Oklahoma State University next week.

The Student Government Association Speaker’s Board will host the Denver Broncos quarterback in Gallagher-Iba Arena on Wednesday, April 16 at 7 p.m. After a student tweeted to the Speaker’s Board saying Manning would be a great fit for OSU, the board then researched Manning’s availability and was able to book the appearance.

Logan Scott, SGA Speaker’s Board chairman, said Manning will talk about his personal and family life, his work ethic and the characteristics that have made him successful, both on and off of the field.

Member of legendary football family to speak at Oklahoma State

STILLWATER, Okla. – Students at Oklahoma State University will be treated to a special guest next week who has been making headlines in the big leagues.

The Student Government Association Speaker’s Board announced Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning will speak to a crowd at Gallagher-Iba Arena next Wednesday.

The Denver Broncos quarterback will talk about his personal life, his work ethic and the characteristics that have made him successful.

Students have the opportunity to tweet or write questions for Manning during the question and answer session.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and admission is free with a valid OSU ID.

For people who aren’t students, general admission tickets are $10 and will go on sale at 12 p.m. next Wednesday at the Gallagher-Iba south ticket office.

There could be a problem with your specialty license

STILLWATER, Okla. – A new federal law is causing headaches for nearly 30,000 commercial drivers in our state.

Their driver licenses are being downgraded after they failed to validated their medical cards.

Some CDL holders say they didn’t know about the law until it was too late.

There are less commercial drivers on Oklahoma roads as of Tuesday afternoon and two of them used to work at Richards Construction and Paving in Stillwater.

“My husband and my son cannot work,” said Anita Houston, frustrated over federal regulation. “Some people are losing their job over this law.”

Anita Houston’s husband recently had his CDL status downgraded after failing to validate his medical card with the Department of Public Safety.

Houston says her husband never received a notice in the mail about the new federal regulations because they have a P.O. Box address.

Oklahoma closing loopholes for sex offenders

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma is cracking down on sex offenders by closing loopholes.

A new law that will take effect November 1, 2014, will require sex offenders to register in Oklahoma if they spend 14 days in the state in a 60-day period.

House Bill 3016, authored by Representative Sean Roberts and Senator AJ Griffin, is said to be a critical tool for law enforcement.